Remington 2 Details

  • Edge stitch tailoring used throughout the shirt with the exception of the side seam which is double needled.
  • 21 stitches per inch tailoring. Durability and strength is the objective here.
  • Snaps custom made.
  • Buttons engraved "Acorn by Bob Goldfeder"
    Texas Star button exclusive design Acorn.
  • Pocket deep enough to hold a normal sized SmartPhone.
  • Fine stitched pen slot to keep writing instruments in place in the pocket.
  • Under collar button down.
  • 7 buttons or snaps used for front closure, usual is 6 buttons. Purpose is to have the front shirt tail stay cleanly in the pant front.
  • Shirt tail length is very long to insure staying in your trousers.
  • Reinforcement tabs on the side seam bottom and front placket bottom.